Hi, everyone! I was born in the Middle East and have been rocking these United States since 2012!

I sing in English and Arabic. Believe it or not, I learned English through singing and reading subtitles from movies!

I love music and film! I started writing on twitter in Arabic at age 12, then started writing songs in English at 15, writing multiple songs mixing American rhythms with traditional Arabic beats. Yea, it’s a trip, lemme tell ya, ha! I think you’ll dig it!

A year later I created a recording and publishing company under my name to publish my songs to feature them on digital platforms; please search BAZMA at the iTunes store. You don’t have to buy, peeps, but do give my previews a listen, That’d be great!

I consider myself an independent, unsigned artist but I am working to get signed. Wanna help, gimme a thumbs up, that’d be cool. My first original song was nominated in 2016 for Best Pop song on the The Akademia Music Awards in Los Angeles. It was part of the soundtrack of the film, Dead Con, and I won first place as singer/ songwriter at EXPO TALENT in Houston in 2016. I’m like, WOW, what an honor. This has motivated me to work even harder.

I am writing more and more, now, so please feel free to visit my YouTube channel: BAZMAVEVO I can’t do all this without you, by the way, so I am humbled by your support and appreciate you lovin’ the music! Also, very excited that I have furthered artistically into the Art of Acting.

In 2017 I signed with East Coast Talent, but, When I moved to Los Angeles I signed with AMW Talent a SAG Agency that is a really great and reputable agency who are super hard-working and the whole staff are very supportive! I landed my first, and very challenging role portraying a complex young woman with mental health issues.

That is an important issue for me and I want to do what I can to bring awareness to this as an artist and hey, as a human, right?  I was also excited to win the Young Pop Artist award in 2018 at the 2nd Annual ATLANTA HIP HOP AWARDS. Wow, I am so fortunate and very grateful. Moving to Los Angeles to take my career to the next level, I've been doing music , writing more music, and landing those acting jobs! haha.  Thanks for stopping by, please go rock your world, I believe in you!

My biggest achievements since 2016: 1. Wrote, composed, and recorded an album called "Fear" from hard-work earned money, dropped it on all digital platforms such as iTunes in Jan 2018. 2. Opened an official VEVO channel under the name BazmaVEVO 3. Recorded a Music video for my first single "Fireflies" with my own hard earned money. 4. have 250,000+ views on VEVO channel. 5. Have my own Recording and Publishing company under the name BAZMA. 6. Have more than 175,000 fans on all social medias. 7. Got Verified on both Instagram and Facebook 8. Won an award at Academia Music Awards in 2016 for Best pop song at age 16. 9. Won Best singer and songwriter at Expo Talent in Texas at age 16 10. Won Best pop singer at Atlanta hip hop awards at age 17 11. Won Miss Arab Talent 2019 at age 18. 12. Went Viral in the Middle East for being the first Saudi Opera and Pop singer. 13. Currently attending Orchestra rehearsals for Arab music and will be performing with Arab celebrities who will fly over from the Middle east to perform in Los Angeles. 14. Have more than 100 Articles written about me both in Arabic and English. 15. Was on FORBES Middle East Magazine 30 under 30 list of best influences in the Middle East. 16. Gotten a supporting role in a +100k budget short film called "Preach" story takes place in Iraq.


Music is one of the most important and powerful things in my life. My existence without the melodies and harmonies would be thoroughly vacant. Tuning in to and playing distinctive tunes encourages me to de-stress, unwind, and it can likewise motivate me in trying times. I adore listening to music while approaching school, work, or anyplace! As I feel it causes me to get ready for the day that awaits. I think it resembles the journals to my life as it has been there throughout everything with me. At only 9 years old, In elementary, I would go up on stage every morning to sing songs in Arabic and that was the most exciting part of the day for me. I cherished the feeling of my classmates, and teachers who would go into silence when I would begin singing as they tune in and smile at me or sing along! Applauds and bolster made me the happiest little girl in the world. I would go back home and talk about it all day. That went on for about 3 years until I moved to the United States at 12 years old. 

    At the age of 12, I was lost. I didn’t know how to speak a word in English. I couldn’t sing any longer in front of a crowd like I used to. I was bullied and that is typical, everyone gets tormented at least once in their life, but, I was depressed. The amount of stress I was put in attempting to learn a new language, making companions, and not being able to do the ONE thing I love most in life, felt like a horrendous experience! Music was my solitary friend at that time even when I didn’t comprehend what I was hearing, the more I listened to songs, the more I understood what was being said, and that helped me in a very extravagant way in learning English! I printed out the lyrics of songs and wrote each word meaning and at that point I memorized the song. I remember printing out my first song called “I Will Always Love You” I was just so mesmerized by the sound of the stunning legend Whitney Houston (RIP). The first time in a very long time, having gained a little confidence, I sang aloud in the locker room at school while everybody was changing into their gym outfits. Everyone went into a stun to realize that me, the timid girl who got bullied, who never spoke a word out loud, was singing with such confidence in front of all her classmates. I instantly, gained friends, respect, and support.. it made me feel powerful to know that my voice in one moment can achieve things I couldn’t have accomplished on my own when I first came to the USA.

    I by then, have started going back up on stages, starting off with school talent shows.. my first one ever was in 8th grade, and I got 2nd place! Fast-forwarding a year went by, as a sophomore in high school, I joined the choir and made friends who had the same interests as me and I finally felt like I fit in. My friends and I began making singing videos and posting it on social media, I made some in my bedroom as well. They were low quality however some way or another it got the interest of a significant number of people. My social media started growing and I got an ever-increasing number of supporters outside of school! That made me so excited, I suddenly had the dream of wanting to make the whole world listen to my voice! I begged my mother to get me home schooled for Junior year and promised her that I will teach myself all of the subjects and not slack off, and I did, I completed my junior year earlier than public schools just so I could have more time to write my original song, perform it on stages, post more videos, and start my acting profession! I wrote my first original song called “Voodoo” and it was about how music affects us like magic and we move like a voodoo doll when we hear music. It won Best Pop Song at Akademia Los Angeles Music Awards. I went to a Talent Expo in Texas in 2017 in hope to get discovered as an Artist, I won Best Singer and Songwriter.
    I went back to public school Senior year to graduate with a class and get my diploma. I never was able to make friends because I isolated myself and wanted to instead of hanging out and wasting time.. write my first album and drop it that equivalent year. On January 2018, I dropped my original song

“Fireflies” that had a music video on all digital platform and opened my VEVO channel along with opening my own company BAZMA Recording and Publishing LLC. Furthermore, I have kept on dropping singles every two months till I had seven songs that were added into my album named “Fear.” Whilst doing all of that, I was performing at Fashion Shows, Festivals, Talent competitions, Bars, Restaurants, and just anywhere I could have the chance to sing. I then, was nominated to be Best Pop Singer at Atlanta Hip-hop Awards and won in 2018. I came across a short film that were doing auditions for a complex lead role that I got booked for it was about a mental girl who has Schizophrenia that slaughters her entire family but, doesn’t remember it when she wakes up.
    After graduating high school, I persuaded my family to move to Los Angeles because it is the place to be when you’re an artist who has the dream to become international; Who has over 200k followers, verified on all social medias, and who has dropped an album all in 2 years since I’ve started professionally. I then, wanted to try something new and join a pageant called “Miss Arab USA” where I represented my birth country Saudi Arabia, I didn’t win the title of Miss Arab USA but I, won Miss Arab Talent for singing the Operatic piece “O Mio Babbino Caro” by Giacomo Puccini and that was the first time for me ever to sing opera on a stage. I found that my voice actually sounds good at it even with the short time of practice. I posted the video of me singing on stage of Miss Arab USA on my social media and after 3 days, I woke up with my video going Viral in the Middle East for being the First Saudi Pop and Opera singer! Such a large number of medias have done an interview with me, there’s over 85 Articles expounded on me in Arabic, and a Wikipedia about me in Arabic. My goal is to be a global artist in both pop and opera or at least one of them… as long as I am singing I am happy. Presently, I am rehearsing with “Layali Zaman Academy Orchestra” to perform in Los Angeles alongside famous Arab singers who will travel all the way from the Middle East to perform. I also, plan on going into college and further my education. I’ll proceed on developing myself and hopefully I’ll become successful enough to win a Grammy and an Oscar! 






2019 Ambassador Animal Welfare (PRINCE MODHI AL-SAUD SAUDI ARABIA )



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